From the beginning, we have focused on producing high quality cannabis flowers . To distinguish ourselves, we developed an organic growing system inspired by the approach of Japanese farmer-philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka.

This simple system allows us to obtain good yields of superior quality flowers, thanks to a pre-enriched substrate (specially adapted to cannabis and usable in organic agriculture) by watering only.

Our victory at the cannaswisscup 2021 and the supply of batches to pharmaceutical standards confirmed the validity of our approach.

It has also convinced us to defend our approach, in the face of the mineral production of therapeutic cannabis; largely dominant in Europe and America. Indeed, it seems obvious today, that this way of cultivation is outdated, doomed to failure and should no longer be promoted because of the health and environmental risks it poses (contamination with toxic metals from phosphate fertilizers and pollution of the Mediterranean Sea by the related industry).


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